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The 'International Conference on Connecting Minds: Multidisciplinary Research for Building Resilient Communities’, as part of the overall intention to foster high-level learning and knowledge transfer of essential expertise within the domain of multidisciplinary research, is being organized in such a manner that every event that has been planned as part of this conference, will feature some of the world's biggest experts and research specialists. Participants of this much-anticipated event will have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these stalwarts and interacting with them on a personal, one-on-one basis, as opposed to other conferences that do not offer any such possibility whatsoever. The organizers of these world-class event believe that by getting to interact with such experts, the participants of this event will gain the vital inspiration that they need to forge ahead and carry out groundbreaking research ventures of their own.

Apply for Committee Members

Applications to join the conference committee are invited from academics and practitioners researching or working in the field. If you would like to be considered as a member of a conference committee or as a reviewer for submitted papers, apply to join a Committee

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Apply for Speakers

Interested in speaking at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE? Our team is constantly in search for trade professionals and experts to share their views and market opinions. We are now accepting proposals to speak at ICCMMRBRC Maldives.

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Abstract & Full Paper Submissions

Choose the submission type most appropriate for your current work. Opting to propose a full paper, a short paper, or an extended abstract neither advantages nor disadvantages your proposal. At least one author from each paper must register for and attend the conference.

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Theme of the Conference

The state of global multidisciplinary research is not looking as good it should be considering the tremendous success that the field has witnessed over the last decade and a half. The fact of the matter is that the state of multidisciplinary research across the world has been plagued by diverse challenges that have struck the very heart of the engine that facilities the progress of this discipline - the worldwide community of researchers, scientists, industrialists, experimenters, academics, faculty and students.

The recent global crisis has only exacerbated this problem, rubbing salt into the wounds of an organism that was already beaten, stricken down and struggling. Serving as a much-needed ointment to these wounds, policymakers (involved in decision-making that impacts multidisciplinary research studies worldwide) decided that the 'International Conference on Connecting Minds: Multidisciplinary Research for Building Resilient Communities' serve in fulfilling the need of the hour - 'Bringing About Collective and Coherent Decision-Making Across All Entities & Institutional Multidisciplinary Research Bodies, Societies, & Communities The World-Over'.

In accordance with this theme, the organizers of this stellar conference have made sure that the participants of this event will leave with all the knowledge, tools, know-how and critical expertise that they need to go about turning the tide of progress within the field of multidisciplinary research.

  • Research Scholars
  • Professionals/Academicians
  • Delegates
  • Industrialists
  • Educators
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Under Graduate Students
  • Government Officials
  • Technology Experts
  • Editorial Board Members & Reviewers

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