The 'International Conference on Connecting Minds: Multidisciplinary Research for Building Resilient Communities’, as part of the overall intention to foster high-level learning and knowledge transfer of essential expertise within the domain of multidisciplinary research, is being organized in such a manner that every event that has been planned as part of this conference, will feature some of the world's biggest experts and research specialists. Participants of this much-anticipated event will have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with these stalwarts and interacting with them on a personal, one-on-one basis, as opposed to other conferences that do not offer any such possibility whatsoever. The organizers of these world-class event believe that by getting to interact with such experts, the participants of this event will gain the vital inspiration that they need to forge ahead and carry out groundbreaking research ventures of their own.

Objective of the Conference

Having resulted in so many pioneering outcomes and innovations that have shaped the future of mankind, multidisciplinary research is held in high regard by the globe's foremost thinkers, scholars and scientists, for a reason! In its objective to facilitate the continuation of this rich tradition of creativity, experimentation through phenomenal multidisciplinary research work and collaboration between researchers of diverse disciplines, the 'International Conference on Connecting Minds: Multidisciplinary Research for Building Resilient Communities' will continue to build on this rich heritage by offering everyone from students and faculty members to scholars, research scientists, policy makers and industrialists, the chance to collectively encourage one another, deliberate the state of current research with one another as well as extend comprehensive support to each other in any capacity they're capable of.