Scopes and Benefits

The scope and benefits of the highly-awaited ''International Conference on Connecting Minds: Multidisciplinary Research for Building Resilient Communities' include, but aren't limited to -

  • Expediting the dispensation of essential research know-how within the domain of multidisciplinary studies and experimentation amongst every participant who will be present at this conference, so that they will in turn be able to spread and act on this expertise that they have gained.
  • Facilitating the authorship of all researchers who are waiting on the sidelines to have their phenomenal research work published in a journal of renown, by offering them publication opportunities with some of the world's biggest and most well-known multidisciplinary journals.
  • Offering extensive support to researchers who are already involved in or are on the verge of involving themselves in high-level research outcomes that could change the course of the field of multidisciplinary research, with the necessary wherewithal to do so, in the form of vital financial aid and funding.